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Riverview Rise Retreats’ have maintained a 5 STAR Accreditation from AAAT since 2006 till 2014

As of September 2014 our Directors decided not to renew their licence for the Star Rating accreditation with AAAT therefore any reference to 5 Stars on this website is specifically refering to the Star rating on TripAdvisor.

This decision came as a result of internal surveys which concluded that our customers/guests place far greater Trust in the Reviews of fellow Travellers than the subjective accreditation by  AAAT. Further it has been established that the quality of stay is decided upon the overall experience of the combination of Service, Tangible material assets such as the quality of the facilities and the In-tangible factors which include the atmospherics of location, style and appeal to the senses via smell, sounds and relaxed inviting nature of the property.

By reading the guests Reviews on Trip Advisor, it  became apparent that the In-tangible assets of the business comprise around 50% of the perceived value to the customer.
Its these values that guests retain most in memory and consider them as their “Take Home Bonus”.

This is what differentiates an Ordinary accommodation business from an Extra-Ordinary business and creates a business with the X-Factor. It’s about giving our customer more and exceeding their expectations.

Unfortunately, our 5 STAR Accreditation with AAAT fell short of addressing the In-Tangible requirements of our New Age well connected, internet savvy customers, hence our decision to embrace a public accreditation review system via Trip Advisor.


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