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PLATINUM+ The Romantic Getaway that Ignites the Passion!

Need a Romantic Getaway to make your Love Life Sizzle?

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PLATINUM+ Australiain Romantic Getaway destination intentionally designed to Ignite the Fire in your Relationship.

Are you seeking a romantic experience that's simply Extraordinary?

Would you like a Romantic Escape that feels like an overseas escapade without the time wasting hassle of long distance travel, jet-lag and exhaustion?
Do you want to re-invigorate your love life?

And, wouldn't it be lovely to do all this in a time frame of just one or two nights were you and your partner can be together without distractions to indulge and re-discover each other?

Well like you, we also have had times when we needed to do just that but, work commitments and family obligations simply did not allow us the time to do what is so necessary yet so often overlooked:

  • Spend precious time together, allowing ourselves to just be, to re-connect and indulge in each other.
  • Allow ourselves time where there is no rush, no expectations, no interruptions and no need to be part of anything, other than together.

Hell, in our situation, we even needed to learn to relax let alone re-connect with each other!
Eventually financial stress brought upon by the GFC, coupled with a death in the family and compounded by some disturbing health issues, we were forced to snatch some time off, get away, chill out and disconnect from society for a few days. To cut a long story short, we did get away and booked a ritzy sounding little place that promised luxury and seclusion.

Unfortunately we were disappointed.
The images we were sold on were deceptive to say the least, there was no atmosphere and the place was void of any sensuality. It really was just another room, with a work-bench for a bed (as we now describe it) and try-hard 'stylish d├ęcor'. To top it all off, there was this 'pressure', pressure to dine out, pressure to do the tourist thing, pressure to conform to time. We felt like we were being shunted around, all be it in good faith by the management. Quite frankly, the whole romantic escaped - turned out to be a disaster!

We needed a place to relax, unwind and re-connect. Instead, our expectation of a romantic escape was reduced to a 2 day stopover in another region. As we own and run our own Luxury Retreats, our expectations were a little on the high side and this only aggravated the situation further.
This hum-drum, ordinary, over-priced little getaway did however have a profound positive effect on us.

We came home absolutely determined to provide you with what we, as accommodation owners, were looking for ourselves.

  • A Romantic, Secluded Retreat with Sensual atmosphere, where nothing on this earth matters except you and your loved one!
  • A place that Stimulates ALL your senses, a place where you can live like your favorite Movie Star for a day or two
  • A place where you can discover the Secret of re-connecting and indulging in each other's feelings, spirit and physical desires.

OK that sounds wonderful doesn't it? But you'd have to agree, as a fellow traveler, this Romantic Utopia may sound like a tall order!

To achieve this for you, Wink and I researched for many months, did a lot of head-scratching, arguing and brainstorming. How were we going to IMPROVE what is already an Australian Benchmark?

The Secret eventually jelled. It was there staring us in our faces all the time but we failed to see it. It came from the most obvious source! Yes, the Secret came straight from the thousands of entries you are welcome to read, in our guest book's, written by people like you. It's these frank testimonials, full of emotion and gratitude, which has opened our eyes as to how much more we can do. Read some of themRomantic Getaways Testimonials here

Best Romantic Getaway in Australia
PLATINUM+ the best Romantic Getaway destination in Australia

So what is PLATINIM+ ?

  • NO - it's not just the better Blue Ray in-house cinema!
  • NO - it's not just the better toiletries, the more expensive fluffy slippers
  • NO - it's not about the 1000 thread-count luxury sheets on your King size bed!
  • In fact it's NOT Really about the physical stuff you would expect for the price!

We understand that living the romantic life of a Movie Star, even for a day, is not for everybody
We expect that only a discerning few will indulge in PLATINUM+. Judging by the comments and the testimonials, we calculate that only 5 out of every 100 people will opt to be the Elite Few willing or needing to go all the way in this Magical Romantic Experience. Are you one of them?
If so, please read on.

PLATIMUM+ does have it's Limitations:

  • If you are experiencing serious marital problems - PLATINUM+ is not for you!
  • If you desire to patch up your relationship - PLATINUM+ may help you!
  • If you desire to re-kindle the flame and re-capture the Magic of that First Special Night- PLATINUM+ is made for you!


  • It's about a SPACE a Villa created purely for ROMANCE
  • It's a PLACE designed in such a way that there is NO OPTION but to grow together.
  • It's a Place where PASSION finally comes Naturally
  • It's a Place to INDULGE in one another
  • It's a Place where YOU CAN BE ONE
  • It's an Intrinsic experience that creates Long Term MEMORIES
  • It's about the value of building long term memories by Investing in your Relationship
  • This is the PLATINUM+ Experience!

Like all things in life, the success of PLATINUM+ is - 100% dependant on you. It's your desire to invest in growing you relationship, in re-capturing the Magic that brought you together in the first place.

romantic getaway sunrise on the river.

PLATINUM+ Package Inclusions:

  • PLATINUM+ is Australia's Premium Romantic Getaway!
  • Blu-Ray in-house cinema with full integrated connectivity!
  • Luxurious Top of the range personal toiletries
  • 1000 thread-count luxury sheets on your King size bed!
  • Indulgent inclusions that will heighten the romance with fine French Champagne and Fine Chocolate
  • Nespresso coffee machine with a range of the World best coffee selections
  • Candle lit Spa
  • Complimentary Broadband internet
  • Generous Country Style breakfast provisions
  • Dinner for two from our Room Service menu
  • Private BBQ deck
  • Absolute privacy
  • Check-In 4:30pm
  • Late 2pm Check-Out or later if arrangements of prior bookings allow.

To experience PLATINUM+ as a member of the elite few wanting to take their Relationship to the next level, please give Wink a call to discuss your booking on +61 400 310 380 or use the 'Enquiry' facility below.

AUD $860.00 per couple per night

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"By opting in for early bird info about PLATINUM+ We were lucky enough to be offered a pre-launch test drive opportunity of the new package from Wink and Michael. All we can say is BRILLIANT! Platinum+ is everything you say and more. Well done guys - it's been a real investment in our relationship. We came away refreshed and better prepared to work as a team tackling life's challenges."

Tanya & Elton Mathews
+61 4158
South Australia


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Right Decision Guarantee

"EXPERIENCE THE SECRET - When you arrive you will know you have made the right decision."

We stand behind this statement. History has proved that we exceed peoples expectations as you will read in our Guest Book. If on arrival, you are not fully satisfied with what you receive on the basis of our advertising we guarantee an un-conditional money back refund. We couldn't make you this offer if we weren't  totally confident that our services are right for you . You have absolutely nothing to lose, go ahead Book-Online or call Wink on 0400 310 380

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