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Model Aircraft - Flying lessons for big boys & girls

Stay 5 Star and learn to fly model airplanes at the same time. Simulator training followed by a trip to the airfield and you fly for real.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** We have all been told that behind every man is a Good Woman, but the facts are that in every man lurks a boy who loves his toys. In this instance the phrase "Big boys Toys" applies. Radio Control model aircraft is a hobby / sport of many different disciplines. We have gliders, racers, combat fighters, deltas, scale, fast ,slow, giant and small. You can now see that the list is enormous. Each modeller to his own passion but they all have one thing in common, they all must leant to fly!
With today's computers and an array of fabulous flight simulator software, the process of learning to fly is now a lot easier than it ever was. In fact, you can have 50 or 60 crashes while practicing your landings with no cost at all. Just hit the re-load button and try again.
My son Stefan and I both build and fly. We have a passion for a style of aerobatics called 3D where the aircraft perform manoeuvres that were unthinkable only a few years ago. We would love to take you through the steps of learning to fly and possibly inspiring you to pursue the hobby.

Wait till you see the hanger. There's lots of planes, remnants of others, tools, jigs and there is always a New creation on the building board!



(Please note that in the event of damaging our aircraft, you have no liability for the damage)

Why not Book a session as a Surprise Gift for your partner?


The above photos are actual G3.5 Simulator screen captures

If you are new to to sport, the lesson begins with an introduction to basic aerodynamics and the aid of G3.5 state of the art Model Aircraft Simulator. Here you will get a feel for the controls and have your first flight without the fear of crashing. Once you are familiar with how things work, we'll hit the airstrip where you will pilot a real flying model. Don't worry, you will be on a "buddy box" transmitter. This means that as soon as I see you loosing control, I flick a switch on my transmitter and take over the flight. The hardest part of learning to fly is the landing and its the only time the aircraft is in any danger. This tricky bit I will do for you. So what do you say? Come on and give it a go!

You are welcome to bring you own aircraft.


  • Simulator tuition on G3.5 flight sim
  • Use of Aircraft and controls


Consider topping off the day with our
BBQ Banquet for two
or a Fine Dining Experience prepared
by you own In -House Chef

Tuition per hour (simulator and real aircraft supplied):
AUD $250.00
Subject to Prevailing Weather Conditions
To Book call Wink on: ~ 0400 310 380 or send us an e-mail Now

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