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Your Luxury Retreat Accommodation Options for Romantic Getaways

In an age when time has become a precious commodity, just imagine a short escape from life as you know it, to a place by the river capturing that magical feeling of time stopping still. Your Retreat has been designer built with the single purpose of providing absolute comfort and privacy for you and your partner and is suitable for couples only! It is a rare but perfect blend of Luxury and nature located just one hour from Adelaide in Mannum on the Murray River. Riverview Rise Retreats consists of three private, secluded Luxury Retreat huts, spaciously located in a natural Riverina environment with spectacular River Murray views. This is your romantic Getaway like no other!

Just imagine:

  • No noise
  • No crowds
  • No reminders of city life
  • Just Luxury, Style and Nature

Nature is essential for breaking the rhythm of a hard city working life - a breath of fresh air that takes the pressure away.

“So What are the differences between the three romantic Retreats?

FIRST - the Similarities:

  • Architecturally all three Retreats are identical with a 5 Star reviews in
  • They all have spectacular panoramic Murray River views
  • They are all secluded and are of a studio style creating an ambience of natural opulent spaciousness.
  • Interior design that aims squarely at your comfort in total luxury
  • Your panoramic view is framed by large glass doors looking out over your private BBQ balcony with sprawling views over the river
  • All have tailored King Size beds by 'Adriatic Slumber' hand made for 'Riverview Rise Retreats'
  • All have original art works
  • total blackout curtains
  • candle-lit therapeutic Spa
  • All have wide screen wall mounted TV’s with in-house cinema
  • Free Ethernet and Wi-Fi Broadband connection (Conditions apply)
  • coffee machine
  • ipod connectivity
  • Patio BBQ entertainment deck with outdoor furniture & private BBQ
  • The Retreats are spaced around 200m apart & are unsuitable for children
  • Plenty of room to entertain friends

Now for the Differences:

‘Lazy Jane Lodge’ - 5 Star Luxury Retreat  
  • Tastefully decorated in warm chocolate coffee colours
  • Under cover vehicle parking
  • Views over the township of Mannum and the River
  • Has a nice little patch of lawn in front of the BBQ deck for playing Bolle and other lawn games supplied
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‘Molly’s Hideaway’ - 5 Star Luxury Spa Retreat  
  • Tastefully decorated in neutral earthy ochre colours highlighted with rich red tones
  • Situated right on the river escarpment
  • Under cover vehicle parking
  • Closest view of the Murray River and billabong's
  • Close to scenic walking trail
  • Surrounded by native river vegetation
  • Molly’s is carved into the hillside providing a very snug cocoon like hideaway feel


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‘Bob’s Bungalow’ - Platinum Luxury Villa  
  • Tastefully decorated in fresh neutral pear green and olive colours
  • Has an extensive, broad and clear view of the river and billabong's
  • Under cover vehicle parking
NEWS Flash

'Bobs Bungalow' has been recently upgraded to be our Flagship 6 Star Retreat making it a Romantic Retreat like no other.

Below are a few of the Extra facilities now added:

  • Watch the latest stunning movies on your Blu-ray player in Full HD and on a large LCD screen
  • Added Connectivity for your personal electronic devices, iphones, ipod's etc.
  • Let the sound transfix your presence to your imaginary Blue-ray world with authentic surround sound home theatre'
  • Relax, bubble and Watch movies from your Spa from your 'movie star' styled bathroom
  • Become a professional barrista with your Delonghi Espresso Pod Coffee Machine an create cappuccinos to die for. Yes - just like the George Clooney adverts.
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Luxury Accommodation at Riverview Rise Retreats
To some it may be exceptional - at Riverview Rise Retreats a Candle-lit Spa is just the beginning!

A little background on the Retreats:

The 3 Retreats are named after milestones in Wink and my life together. The names in fact don’t make much sense at all till you know why.
‘Lazy Jane Lodge’ was named after the memories we have of working on the TV mini-series, “The River Kings” in 1991, based on the original novel by Max Fatchen . (Director: Donald Crombie Writers: Max Fatchen and Jamie Skinner & co-writer/Producer Rob George. Stars: David Bradshaw, Reg Evans and Willie Fennell). Filmed
on South Australia's glorious River Murray, the mini-series is set during the 1920s and tells the story of a young runaway man who escapes to the river and finds
work on a paddle-boat steamer and develops a friendship with an old salt captain played by Bill Kerr. I, was the Scenic Artist and Paddle Steamer Designer for the
mini-series and virtually all the river scenes were shot either in Morgan or in Mannum – right in front of your Retreat. The ‘Lazy Jane’ was the hero paddle-steamer in the series.
As the series was shot in front of our home (we have always had a close affinity with the river due to my many years as houseboat Designer/Builder 1980 – 1986)
it seemed apt at the time to name one of the Retreats ‘Lazy Jane Lodge’. If you choose to stay in this Retreat we have provided a DVD of the series and a copy of the original script for you to enjoy.

PS Lazy Jane model
Derek Wyness (scenic artist assistant) putting the finishing touched on the Lazy Jane model.

The story behind ‘Bob’s Bungalow’ comes from a latter part of our life when we ran our family business ‘Chorney Studios’. We created and sold unique water fountains and sculptures based on ancient deities. One of the pieces we created was a wall fountain based on a Balinese deity who’s name I now forget. He was a rather unpleasant ‘odd-bod’ looking character with googly pop eyes and big hands. Just for fun we called him ‘Bob from Bali’ and proceeded to sell the piece in great numbers right around Australia. I believe that nearly every plant nursery of any notoriety in Australia had ‘Bob from Bali’ on sale at some stage.

Bob from Bali
Bob from Bali wall fountain

Finally we have ‘Molly’s Hideaway’. Molly was also one of my creations during the period between 1998 and 2005. Standing around 150cm Molly was by far our
best selling creation and was one of my personal favorite's. While I was carving Molly (a quirky little girl with big bum and lovely round bosoms pouring water over
her head), our sales agent, Peter Ferguson came into my studio with his new little wire haired Terrier dog called Molly. He looked at what I was creating then looked at his dog and said “Good-Golly Ms Molly , what have we got here?”. And so Molly was named, the fun name stuck and Molly quickly became the ‘must have’ garden fountain for upmarket properties around Australia. Life was good! Molly took on a number of poses and forms and sold like wildfire. When you arrive you will see a plum coloured wall in front of ‘Molly’s Hideaway’ which features my all time favorite set of three Molly Swimmers. A little reminiscent of grandma’s three flying ducks on the kitchen wall, but with a quirky new twist.

Molly Swimmers           Molly
Molly Swimmers & Molly herself in her prime glory.

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